2009 Can Am Powerlifting meet
Lifter action page
Rita Tescher in her first meet
Erin Meiers did a great job in her first meet
Minot lifter Rod Kenney makes it look easy
Tracy Larson looks like he trying real
hard on this lift
Craig Meiers with an easy attempt
Robert Fuller looking quite happy with his effort
Fargo's Nick Noll is one strong young lifter
Marshall "the beast" Johnson with his 700 squat
9 year old Samson Hou-Seye had a nice
bench press
Josh Johnson with an easy attempt
M3 lifter Keith Berger with nice 264 bench
Matthew Reed had a real nice day
M3 lifter Gary "Grandfather" Clock with
his 424 bench press
Frank Tekautz with a big bench attempt
Marshall Johnson had the biggest
bench of the day   485 lbs
Minot lifter Mike Zepada with a pr 562 deadlift
Fargo's own Frank Tekautz had the
biggest deadlift  655 lbs!!
Robert Fuller with a 617 deadlift
Matthew Reed with a 606 deadlift
Erin Meiers deadlifted 203 lbs  
Congrats Erin
Look at the Mighty Samson lift!
Craig Meiers from Grand Forks
Minot lifter Rita Tescher with a nice lift
Lee Huckle had a nice day!
Adam Suedel with a nice squat
Ben Schroeder of Dickinson with a big raw squat
Merl Greenley of Valley City did some real
good lifting on Saturday.
Merl Greenley with a 402 lb deadlfit
Tracy Larson with a 512 deadlift
Adam Suedel deadlifting 424 lbs