2009 Submaster/Master's Nationals
Nov 7-8  2009
Mesa, Arizona
Keith Berger of Grand Forks and Gary Clock of Minot represented ND at Master's Nationals in
Mesa, AZ on Nov 7-8, 2009.  It was beautiful weather down in Mesa and we lifted in a beautiful
venue, Westwood High School. Keith was in his first National meet and started it with an M3
American record in the curl with 127 lbs. Good job, Keith.  Keith benched 253 and deadlifted 341
for a total of 722. Keith set North Dakota records in all lifts except the bench.
Gary Clock had a good day lifting in both equipped and unequipped in the same meet. It was a
little tough to do but he did pretty well. Gary set 8 world and 2 american records in 4 different
We had good time and met a lot new great people. The benefit for Tom Manno, who is fighting
cancer, went well. They raised over $2800 for Tom. Tom has lost over 60 lbs in 5 months. We are
praying for him to survive.
Division/wt class
Keith Berger
127 A
PS/181 M3
Gary Clock
556 AW
PS/242 M3
Gary Clock
  462 W
330 W
556 AW
1350 W
UPL/242 M3
Gary Clock
434 W
1543 W
EPL 242/ M3
Gary Clock
    330 W
    UBP 242/M3
A- American Record  W- World Record
It was a very nice two platform setup at Westwood High Schoo in Mesa, AZ
Keith & Linda Berger
Warm up room
Gary Clock curling 143
Gary Clock squatting 562 equipped
Gary Clock benching a WR 434 lbs
Gary Clock deadlifting a AR WR 556
Jim "Box Car" Moody of Texas that helped me out at
the meet with suits/shirts/lifts offs. Thanks again, Jim
for all you did for me.
Gary Clock with NASA benching legend,Tom Manno
young Zach Hildebrand deadlifting
556 in his first meet
Tom Manno, Zach Hildebrand, Gary Clock
Master 3 lifters, Keith Berger, ND- Robert Madala, Co- Gary Clock, ND
                  In the back Jim "Box Car" Moody M2
North Dakota crew just waiting for the next lift
Nico Feliciano AZ
Fred Ashford of CA just taking it easy