2010 Master's/Submaster's National
Powerlifting Championships
Mesa, Arizona
November 6 & 7- 2010
Gary Clock won 4 divisions.  He
won M3 220 lb equipped
powerlifting with a 556 squat(A&W)
424 bench(A&W) 529 deadlift for
1505 total(A&W). Gary won power
sports with a 154 curl, 330 bench
and a 529 deadlift for a 1014
total(A&W). He won Bench only
with a 424 bench(A&W). He
finished with a 947 push/pull total
for his last win.
Keith Berger on Grand Forks won
the M3 181 class in powersports
with a 138 curl,266 bench & a 341
deadlift for a 746 total (W). Keith
also won the unequipped bench
with a 266 (W) and push/pull with a
608 total.
Adam Suedel of Grand Forks won
the 198 lb SM1 & SMP divisions.
Adam squatted 451, benched 292
and deadlifted 451 for a total of
1196. Adam won the SM1 division
by having a lighter body weight
than his competitor with the
same total. Talk about close.
Paul Kadlec of Grand Forks started
the meet on fire!  He squatted an
American & World record 473 in
the 165 lb SM1 division. He then
benched 242 lbs before having to
withdraw with an injured shoulder.
This was tragic because Paul was
really starting to show his stuff.
Better luck next time, Paul
Gary Clock (ND), Jon Marshall (Az), Dani Carmickle (Az)
Rob Turner (Az) This people helped me out so much
down in Mesa. Rob Turner was a great handoff man!
Adam Suedel still has the guns!
The great Rich Kahle
Adam Suedel warming up the squat
Paul Kadlec before the meet
Keith Berger in the warmup room
Spotters and loaders were great
Rich Byars of CO is a 504 bencher in the
198 lb Master 1 division
Gary Clock with Power & Intensity team
Gary Clock and Keith Berger
Gary Clock and Tim McKeever (AZ)
Tad Peters and Fred Ashford (CA)
Arizona's Dani Carmickle and Jon Marshall
Brandon Cox of Mesa is a unequipped freak.
655 squat, 402 bench 765 deadlift @ 252 lbs!!
Adam Suedel deadlifting 451 lbs
My Lynda and Keith shot I must take every
meet I attend!
Keith Berger with a 138 curl
Keith Berger with a 266 bench
Paul Kadlec with a 242 bench
Beautiful Westwood High School in Mesa, AZ
Awards, Awards, Awards