2010 Natural Nationals
January 23-24
Oklahoma City, OK
Keith Berger of Grand Forks represented North Dakota powerlifting very
well at the Natural Nationals held in Oklahoma City on Jan 23-24, 2010.  
Keith won the M3 (60-69) 181 lb division in powersports.  Keith started
out with a new World Record curl at 132 lbs.  Keith curled l34 lbs but was
turned down for a rules infraction. Keith then benched 264 and
deadlifted 331 for a total of 727lbs.  The total also is a World Record for
Keith.  Congratulations on a job well done.  Keith has only been lifting
competitively for two years!
Keith also was a winner at the National Awards Banquet.  Keith won the
runnerup National Lifter of the Year Award in M3 Powersports.
Congratulations again.  Keith has made a name for himself in a very
short time. He conducts himself with poise and dignity everytime he
Keith Berger also did a huge favor for Norm Judd and Gary Clock. Keith brought
back their awards  for them on the plane and mailed to Gary. What a great guy he is!  
Thanks a million Keith!

Results from the National Banquet held on January 23, 2010 are pictured below:
Keith Berger benching 264
Keith deadlifting 331 lbs
Keith curling his NASA World
Record 132 lbs at 61 years of age!
Keith with his awards after the competition!
Norm Judd with his National Meet Director of the Year Award.
Congratulations, Norm...First time someone from ND has won the award.
Gary Clock with his National Overall Powersports Lifter of the
Year Award for 2009.
Gary Clock with his M3 Powerlifter of the Year and his
M3 Powersports lifter of the Year awards for 2009.
Gary with his Bench Only runnerup M3 lifter of the year
award for 2009
Keith Berger was the runnerup M3 Powersports
Lifter of the Year 2009.  Congratulations, Keith!!