2011 Masters/submasters
Nationals in Mesa, Arizona
November 5-6 2011
Magic City Muscle member, Keith Berger of Grand Forks had an outstanding meet on Nov 5.  Keith lifted in the M 3
181 lb class. He won the powersports division with a 138 curl, 264 bench and a 347 deadlift for a 749 total. The 63
year old Berger also won first in unequipped powerlifting with a 231 squat, 264 bench press and a 347 deadlift for an
843 total.  A lifts are new ND records. Keith also won unequipped Bench Only with a 264 bench.  The highlite of the
weekend was when Keith won the overall Best Lifter Belt for powersports for M 3 lifters. Belt is valued at $600.
Congratulations to you Keith from all the lifters from ND.
Minot native, Bob Brunner had a great meet the day after his 30th birthday. He was now eligbile for the submasters
division and what a show he put on.  Bob lifted in the submaster 308 lb class.  Bob set new records in the bench with a
very strong 529 lbs.  Bob then went on to set a new AR & WR in the deadlift with a huge 685 lb lift.  Bob won the Bench Only
division, and Push/Pull with a monster 1214 total putting him into the top 10 overall in push/pull. Bob also curled 165 lbs for
new state record. All of Bob's lifts are ND records.  Great job, Bob..getting older agrees with you!!
ND NASA chairman, Gary Clock had a pretty good day.  When you are old and you get up, its a pretty good day!  The 62 year old
lifted in the M3 242 lb class in equipped powerlifting.  Gary had a tough start but managed a 590 squat, a 424 bench press and a
523 deadlift for a 1537 total. Even though he had no records, it was a fun meet for him.  The North Dakota Crew had a great meet
and we would like to show off more of outstanding ND lifters in other National Meets. Natural Nationals are in the end of Jan in
The Nodak boys after the meet
Here we are with the hardware after the meet.  Most of
them belong to Bob won several divisions!
As Magic City Muscle didn't have enough for a team, I was
invited to lift with Power and Intensity from Tucson, AZ
Gary Clock bench 424 on his first attempt
The elder statesmen of NASA!  Ages range from 57 to 72 years
old. Tall Jim Moody of Texas is the young one!
These were our faithful fans on Sunday!
Bob Brunner curling 165 lbs
Keith Berger attempting 143 lbs, close but no cigar!!