2011  Natural Nationals
Jan 22-23
Oklahoma City, OK
Keith Berger lifted in the 181 lb class M3 (60-69) division.
Keith curled 132 lbs and set a new World Record in the
unequipped bench with strong 270 lbs!
Gary Clock lifted in the M3 (60-69) 220 lb class.
Gary lifted in equipped powerlifting with lifts of 534 squat, 426
bench (World*American record) and a 501 deadlift. Gary also won
the push/pull with 927 total.  Gary also set WR/AR in M3 Bench
Only with a 426 bench press!
Keith Berger benching a new record, 270 lbs raw at 62
years old!  Great job, Keith!
Gary Clock was the head judge for a flight of deadlifts at the NN!
National Awards Banquet
Jan 22, 2011
Jon & Dani from Arizona
Rich Peters, NASA President & Gary Clock
Jim "Boxcar" Moody with his special award!
The North Dakota-Ohio table at the banquet!
Keith Berger with his Powers Sports M3 Lifter of the Year award!
Gary Clock looks shocked he won M3
Powerlifting Lifter of the Year!
Hazel and Larry Donahue from Ohio! Larry
won M3 Bench Press Lifter of the Year!
Keith and Lynda Berger look very happy!
Co Overall National Athletes of the Year 2010
Gary Clock-ND   Chuck Cookson-Ks  Tyson Meyers Ks
Gary Clock with Athlete of the Year trophy!
Keith Berger with his power sports lifter of year!
Gary Clock lifting 501 lbs
Gary Clock benching a WR/AR 426 lbs
Gary Clock with NASA lifting legend, Mike