2012 Submaster/Master's National in Mesa, Az
Nov 3, 2012
Bob Brunner and Gary Clock were members of the Power and Intensity team from
Tucson that won the Arizona Regionals. They were held in conjunction with the
Master's meet.
Lee Tangelin curling 137!
Keith Berger curling 137!
Bob Brunner curling 176!
Keith Berger benching 259 lbs in M3
Lee Tangelin setting a new state M3 record with a
275 bench press in the 198 lb class!
Gary Clock breaking the NASA world record in the M3
220 lb class with a 347 lb bench press in powersports!
Bob Brunner setting a new state record with a 385 lb bench
press in the SHW class in powersports!
Lee Tangelin breaking a pr with a 413 deadlift!
Gary Clock deadlifting 451
North Dakota's M3 (60-69) lifters at the Master's Nationals!
Lee Tangelin 198 lb class     Keith Berger  198 lb class         Gary Clock  220 lb class
Big Bob Brunner with is first 700 lb deadlift.  Great job, Bob!