Tom Manno Western States Nationals
May 5, 2012
Mesa, Arizona
Gary Clock squatting 375
Gary judging and waiting for the bar to loaded!
Team mates Fred Ashford, CA, Gary Clock ND, Jim Moody Tx after the meet
P & I team memeber Fred Ashford from California won the best lifter
belt in the powersports division! Congrats, Fred!
Gary Clock with his trophies after the meet!
The mighty Rich Kahle from New Mexico was a P & I team member
Big Fred Ashford from California deadlifting over 600 lbs
Jon Marshall's Power and Intensity Team from Tucson were the Team Champions at the 2012 Tom
Manno Western States Nationals!  Jon is in the middle with the red hoodie!
Gary Clock deadlifting 435 at 198 lbs
Gary Clock benching 275 unequipped at 198 lbs
Gary curling 132 lbs