Bob Brunner deadlifting 678
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Bob Brunner
Name-Bob Brunner

ht- 6'2                        wt  275                              Age 25
son  Ethan Patrick Hoppe  son-Kaden Robert Brunner

Lifting experience- I have been lifting more 9 years with NASA, AAU and MDSA.

What inspired you to start lifting: Well, when I was 15, I was 5' 9 1/2" tall and weighed 340 lbs.
I got teased and made fun of all the time. I was always getting into fights. One day I got sick of
being heavy and started going to the YMCA, and there I met the great group of guys I lift with
on a daily basis.  The one that had helped me the most is Gary Clock. I owe most of my lifting
knowledge and experience to Mr. Clock. Thank you.

What are you best lifts age/wt class: I have done a 650 squat, 534 bench and a 683 deadlift in the
intermediate (24-29) 275 lb division.

Do you have any records(state,American, World): I have many state records. I have American
records in push/pull 275lb jr 1135,  and 308 lb jr 1041.67. I have World record in the deadlift in
Jr powerlifting 275 lb class at 639.

Who some of the interesting lifters you have met in your career: Norm Judd, Brad Weber, Gary
Clock, Justin Ransbottom, Joe Thompson, Captain Kirk, Ricky Crain, and many other.

What are the high lites in your career? Finally breaking the 400 lb mark in the bench. I am
getting upwards to 700 lbs in the deadlift.

What are your ultimate lifting goals? To bench 550 or more and my long term goal is have the
all time best deadlift regardless of age or weight.

Any words of wisdom to younger lifters? As a wise old man to me lift smarter not harder, don't
try to lift weights you can't lift.  Always have an open mind, learn from those around you that are
more experienced, and not least
; don't get frustrated.
Bob benching 386
Bob with his first 600 lb squat
Bob with Mike Tuchsherer, USAPL great 275 lber