David And Rebecca Peterson
While I was weighing in David Peterson on Friday evening, he told me he had been in
meets before in the 1980's in Bowbells, ND. We talked about lifters we knew like Brad
Dureck, Corey Schneider, and others that lifted at that time. He told me he was just
getting back into lifting after a long layoff. His wife Rebecca told me the rest of the story:

"David was first diagnosed with cancer on December 4, 2004.  We were told that he
needed to start treatments immediately and we were sent to Fargo.  He started
chemotherapy about a week later, he had treatments every day for the first month.  
After the first month in Fargo, we decided it was time to move closer to family and we
were transfered to Bismarck where he started treatments at MedCenter One.  For the
next three months he had chemo on every weekday and we traveled home on the
weekends, just to turn around and do it again.
In April, the next treatment in his 3 year treatment plan was the drug that he is now
allergic to. He went into a "come like" state, his kidneys didn't work and he had to have
dialysis for that complete week.  After about 7 days, he just woke up and said he wanted
to go home. Treatments stopped until he was well enough to continue.  We had a couple
of months of just oral chemo and then he had a week of radiation treatments to his
head, we are now in June of 2005.
In July of 2005, he started the year and half of oral chemo everyday and quarterly iv
chemo treatments.  He had his last chemo in December of 2007.  He is now "cancer
free" and has been for a quite a while.
David also had many other difficulties in his treatment.  He suffered a paralyzed
diaphragm, blood clots to his left leg, many transfusions due to low blood counts,
pneumonia, the whole kidney failing/coma/dialysis.
David starting lifting again in February 2008, (may I add because of Rebecca's pushing
him a little to it), is now the man you saw lifting on Saturday.  A long way to come, for
someone who could hardly walk up a flight of stairs and he lifts what he does."

Thanks for sharing his story with us, Rebecca.  I know for a fact that David couldn't do
what he does without your complete support and backing.  

The next time you are too tired, too sore, too busy, or too anything to work out,
remember how lucky you are to have the choice!

                                                                               by Gary Clock
David benching 330 lbs raw!
A lot of work goes into a bench that big!
David deadlifting 402 lbs. Keep up the great work, David!