Faces of the 2010 World Cup
Aug 7-8
Denver, Co
Josiah Roise with a huge curl 189 lbs
Robert Fuller relaxing on Saturday
18 year old powerhouse, Josiah Roise
Mr Jim "Boxcar" Moody of Texas
Gary Clock and Teale Adelmann of NM
Mr Fred Ashford of California was the
winner of the best lifter belt in Powersports
M3 lifters Keith Berger-ND and Larry
Teale and Mike Adelmann
LiftingLarge.com owners
Lifters from the great state of Texas
Jim Moody and Neil Eddins
Teale Adelmann & Mike Ewolsen deadlifting
804 lbs.  Each lifter only weighs 123 lbs.
My Russian friend, Greg Kleyn and his son
Greg is from IL.
Greg and friends at the meet
79 year old Pete Jenson of WI was awarded
the first day lifter of the World Cup award
Powerhouse lady lifters Teale Adelmann of NM
and Angel Rocha of CO
Boxcar Jim back in the corner with the ladies
Josiah Roise with his Mom
Sam Neutgens preparing to squat
Robert Fuller with a 352 bench press
Gary Clock attempting a 551 squat
Gary Clock deadlifting 523
Gary Clock benching 396
Robert Fuller and Gary Clock
Ron Harris and family from Texas
Ohio's Larry Donahue and Gary Clock
Robert and Cathy Fuller of Bismarck,ND
Antonio Solis of Mexico is a great lifter
Rob Turner of Az helped translate for me
Fellow M3 powersports lifter Rob Madala of Co
The Moody's from Texas
Larry Donahue, Gary Clock & Keith Berger
All Master 3 lifters
Five lifters from North Dakota attended the NASA World Cup on Aug 7-8 in Denver, Co.  Keith Berger,
Grand Forks; Robert Fuller and Sam Neutgens from Bismarck;  Gary Clock & Josiah Roise from
Minot.  We had a great time. We set some records and had some lifts not go our way. It was a huge
meet with over 260 entries.  We all won divisions and saw some really strong guys and gals from
around the US. One of the highlites was Robert Fuller winning best lifter in Unequipped powerlifting in
his first national meet.  Gary Clock lifted in both equipped and unequipped powerlifting plus
powersports. He caused some score card mixups. It was really nice to show off some of our ND lifters
to the rest of NASA.  We need to have a full 10 person team for the Master/Submaster in Mesa.  If you
guys are creative, can you think of a TEAM NORTH DAKOTA shirt logo.  I know the guys in Grand
Forks and Bismarck can do it!