Magic City Muscle Biography page
Name- Bill Johnson

Born- June 20, 1950      Height- 5'10            wt 198

married- wife Darlene

kids- Sharlo, Jolene, Kyle, Angela, and Charissa

Grandkids- Kaylee, Kaidra, Maxton, Cohen, Rylan, Brett, Tayden, Treston, Kelton

Lifting experience- 8 years, and I still suck!

Who started you lifting? Gary Clock said to me at the old Y, "Hey Bill, do you want to do
some squats?"

What are your best lifts? at 198 lbs- curl 110, Bench Press 264, squat 402 and at 220
deadlift 419

List state records-powersports curl 110 bench 225 deadlift 402 at 198 m2

List the interesting lifters you have met in your career- Norm Judd, What a specimen!
Great jeans or genes!
Brad Weber, when is the wedding reception? Gary Clock, many positive comments and
generous goals.

What are you future lifting goals?
424 squat           300 bench press  424 deadlift        148 curl

Advice to younger lifters: Stay with it. You will never regret it!
Bill Deadlifting 402 lbs
Bill squatting 385 lbs at ND State meet