Magic City Muscle Biography page
Kurt Weaver
Name- Kurt Weaver
height- 5'9"          wt. 175           age 40
Married- Sandi  15 years
Kids: Morgan  10, Erika  8, and Jackson 6

Lifting experience-I started lifting regularly in 1986 as a senior in high school. I competed in the
MDSA in the bench press and push press during the early 90's. I competed in several bench press
competitions over the years and now have taken the leap to compete in unequipped powerlifting
and powersports meets in NASA.

What inspired you to start lifting? My Dad, Ken Weaver, used to compete in powerlifting and
olympic lifting so I have been around weightlifting all my life. One day a hired man from of the
neighbors named Jeff LeTexier came over. He had heard my Dad was a weightlifter and wanted to
train with him. Dad was pretty busy with the farm so I ended up lifting with him all summer, and
then the following summer as well. That's when I truly got hooked on weights.

Do you have any records(state,American, World)?I hold the American record for bench press
in the submaster pure division with a 336 lb bench in the 165 lb class. I also hold several state
records in powersports and unequipped powerlifting.

What are your best lifts? A 340 lb bench at 165 lbs. At 181 lbs I've done a 355 lb bench, 240
lb push press, 154 lb curl, 402 squat, and a 440 deadlift. All lifts are done raw.

List some of the interesting lifters you have met in your career: The first lifter I ever knew
and lifted with was my Dad, Ken Weaver. He's been involved in and supported my training for
over 20 years whether he is training with me , discussing workouts, or coming along to meets.
Dave Berger,Andy Kasen,Shelby Erickson, and Jeff LeTexier were all extraordinary workout
partners. I'm really enjoying getting to know the Magic City Muscle Crew and looking forward to
many years of lifting comraderie with them. The most colorful lifter I have ever met has got to be
Jack Lindsley of Mandan.

What are your goals? I would like to total 1400 lbs in unequipped powerlifting at 181 lbs. I
would also like to total over 1000 lbs in powersports at 181 lbs. Most of all, I hope God blesses
me with the health to continue lifting until they nail me in the box.

What are the highlites of your career? Being inducted into the Magic City Muscle Powerlifting
Team. My first 200 lb bench, breaking 400 lbs in the deadlift and a 355 lb raw bench press.

Any advice to younger lifters? Don't overtrain, eat alot, and sleep alot. If you ever get into
trouble just say, "I was with Clock and Weber" and you will be forgiven!!
Kurt's Dad Ken, is on the left
Brad Weber, John Apland, Kurt Weaver