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John Apland
Name- John Apland

ht-6'0                  wt 294                     age- 43

married : Pauline  11 years
Stepkids: Bambi 26, Josh 22
Stepgrandkids: Jordan 3, CJ 1

Lifting experience-I have lifted since high school for football and track. I also lifted in
college for football and track. I lifted in the state USPF meet in Granville in 1984. I started
competing again in 1998 in MDSA and in NASA in 2004.

Best lifts- 766 squat   457 bench 700 deadlift and a total of 1923 in 2006. I have done a 325
power clean in high school.

Records: I hold state records in all lifts submaster 2 308 class. I have American records in
push/pull in the 275lb class 1102.   I hold the 308lb class American push/pull record at
1157. I hold USPF teenage records from 1984 in the 242 lb class, 500 squat, 335 bench and
a 515 deadlift.

Interesting people I have met in powerlifting: Tracy Larson, my close friend and classmate
who gives me the inspiration to compete. Gary Clock,Brad Weber, and Cory Schneider of
Minot, Jack Deshields, Wayne Jackson, and Pat Hall of the MAFB. Pat Hall helped me a
lot with my deadlift. Warren Weidrick of Hazen also helped me with the deadlift. I met
Tom Eisman in Minnesota. He  is a world class deadlifter at 181 who was very impressive.

Future goals:  I would like to squat over 800 lbs, bench over 525 and deadlift over 750 to
set the all time total record in North Dakota to over 2100 lbs.

Highlites of my lifting career: Most came in our last meet, when I squatted 766 and
deadlifted 700. I have had my sights on a 700 DL for many years, this was a rush. My
attempt at an American record in squat at 807 was exciting to just to take that much off the
rack. I will do this and more.

Words of wisdom to younger lifters: Always make sure you are doing the lifts correctly.
Find an experienced lifter who can help you with good form and make sure you don't get
injuried. Listen to what the older lifters tell you, they have been there and know what
trouble may be ahead.
Tracy Larson with John after the
John with a state record 766 squat
John benching 457 at the 2006 state meet