Magic City Muscle Biography page
Norm Judd
Name- Norm Judd
age- November 14, 1957             
Heigth- 5'8

married to Rene' for over 20 years
Ashley & Tyler

Lifting experience-I've lifted in the AAU,ADFPA, and NASA for over 20 years. NASA is home
and theme is,
"family".  There is no other powerlifting organization like NASA. I started lifting in
the 8th grade to enhance athletic participation with nothing more than a Universal machine. By 9th
grade I was maxing the thing out and had to have people stand on the bars for extra weight.

What inspired you to start lifting? When I started lifting I wanted to become an Olympic lifter and
compete at the Olympics.  In the mid 70's I didn't have the equipment, facilities or coaching available
to realize that dream.  In the mid 80's U net Tracy Mitchell and he got me started with powerlifting.
This has continued to meet my competitive drive.

What are your best lifts age/wt class? In my early 30's a 605 squat, 451 bench, and a 562
deadlift in the 181 lb class. In my late 40's, a 623 squat along with a 485 bench and a 562 deadlift
for a 1609 total at the 220 lb class.

Do you have any records(state,American, World)? How much time do we have? How much
memory is on the internet? Just kidding, but I've held 20-30 American and World records and
numerous Missouri and North Dakota state records.

List some of the interesting lifters you have met in your career.  Tracy Mitchell, Dan
Scroggins, and Solomon Maggeo were my first training partners in Springfield, MO. Seeing Daryl
Johnson from Arkansas squat 600 lbs at age 60, and then at 70 years old. Watching Vai Maflui fro
the St. Louis area lift in the 308 lb class, I loved the war cry before each attempt.  My younger twin,
Joe Thompson of Iowa. My current training partners Magic City Muscle: Brad Weber, Gary
(Grandfather)Clock, Bill(Show me the money) Johnson, Tracy (Largeson)Larson, Bill Matus, and
Bob(the bruiser) Brunner.

What are  the highlights of your career? Selected for and competed on two NASA teams
competing at the AAU World Push/Pull and Bench Press Championships in December 2003 and the
AAU World Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships in December 2004.  Being nominated by
the NASA body and selected 4 times as "Runner Up Lifter of the Year". This year now nominated
for the 5th time (we'll see uf ut's runner up again).  The highlight would be the great friends made
along the way and the fun that we've had encouraging one another.

What are your ultimate lifting goals?
I want to break the 500 lb barrier for the bench press and the 1700 lb total this weekend (Jan
29,2006) at the Natural Nationals at 220 wt class for Master 1 and Masters Pure.  Then I would
like to repeat those numbers at 198 wt class this year at the USA Nationals. I look forward to the
day that I'm competing on the same platform with Tyler and Ashley if they so choose.

Any words of wisdom to younger lifters? Use sound judgement and training principles. Be
patient; train and compete drug free.
Drug free is the way to be.
Joe Thompson and older twin Norm Judd
Norm deadlifting 562 at the
Norm with runnerup M1 PL Athlete of the
Year award 2005
Norm & Brad Weber at the AAU
Norm at USA Nationals in Las Vegas June 07
Gary, Brad, & Norm at the USA Nationals in 07