Magic City Muscle Biography page
Name-Linda Abel

age -58                            ht  - 5'4"                  wt-132

Married- Dennis Abel

Kids-Charlene, Jackie, Stacey, and Sandy

Grandkids- Kara, Kyle, Kyra, Britanny, Nick, Morgan, Marina, Jacob, Maleah, Dawson, twins-Alenna
& Braxton, two steps  Heather and Jordan

Lifting experience- 3 years, 3 meets

What inspired you to start lifting- the YMCA

What are your best lifts- 99 bench press, 132 squat, 181 deadlift, 55 curl, done at 132 in Master 2

Do you have any records- All my lifts are state, American-  records in push/pull, unequipped
powerlifting, power sports, World in curl and deadlift  

List the interesting lifters you have met in your career-All the Magic City Muscle group, and a lot of
lifters from the Natural Nationals in Oklahoma Ciy. The kid that received the up and coming new athlete
award, he was there with his grandpa, what a great kid to meet and visit with.

What are the high lites of your career? That would be all the meets that you participate in, it is so

What are ultimate lifting goals? To do better at the next meet. My overall goal is to make sure that it
will not be easy for the next wm2 to break my records.

Any words of wisdom for younger lifters- Go for it!  Do the best you can and have fun!
Linda squatting at the Nationals
Linda talking to the judge
Linda deadlifting 181 lbs
fellow M 2 lifters Bill Johnson & Brad
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