Magic City Muscle Biography page
Tracy Larson
Name-Tracy Larson
Born- Dec 20, 1965
height- 5'10
weight- 240

Married- wife Sandi
Dakota Christian 17, twins Carter & Journey born 12-4-06
grandkids- Not that I know of

Lifting experience- I have been lifting since I was 16 years old. I started lifting for football and
continued thru my college playing days. I lifted after college for stress relief. I started lifting
competitively 6 years ago with Gary Clock.

Who inspired you to start lifting? As I said prior in the beginning it was football and then it was
Gary.  I enjoy the competitiveness at the meets and ones to set PR's.

What are your best lifts age/wt class? Master 1  I have a best squat of 639  bench 440 and
deadlift of 573 with a 1602 total done in the 242 lb class.

Do you have any records(state, American,World) please list- I hold all the ND submaster 2
records in the 242 and 275 lb class. I also hold all the 242 M 1 records in powerlifting. I hold
the M1 powersports curl 154,bench 330, deadlift at 556 at 242. I hold unequipped
powerlifting records M1 242 496 squat 330 bench 523 dead 1350 total

List some of the interesting lifters you have met in your career.
Gary Clock, Brad Weber.
Grand Master Sexy, Captain Kirk Kawalski, Rich Peters, and Ricky Crain.

What are the high lites of your career? My first American record in the squat at 639. Being able
to lift with my friends and going to meets. That 440 bench wasn't bad, either. I just did a 573 deadlift
in Vegas.

What are your ultimate lifting goals? I would like to total 1800.

Any words of wisdom to younger lifters? Start lifting with someone who knows what they are
doing, consistency, consistency, consistency
Tracy working on a 628 squat
Magic City Muscle at the AAU World's in 2004,
Gary Clock, Norm Judd, Bob Brunner,Brad
Weber and of course,The Big T, Tracy Larson
Tracy deadlifting 573 in Las Vegas
Tracy Larson, Diane Siveny & Gary
Clock at the USA National in 2007 in
Las Vegas
Gary Clock and Tracy Larson- Bench Press Brothers