Magic City Lions Officer Job Descriptions
Lion Tamer---You will be in charge of and responsible for the club's property. You will see to it that the
flags, gong, gavel, and badges are properly placed. You are to assist the greeters in welcoming guests & see
that places for are provided for all-
Tail Twister---You shall maintain harmony, and encourage good fellowship. You shall impose and collect
fines at the meetings (and shall use your best judgment when doing so). Much of the sucess of the meetings
will depend upon your resourcefulness in promoting stunts, fun and laughter making the members forget, for
a time least, their business and  any worries they may have. Thus you will break down any reserve which
might exist, and draw the members together in closer friendship.
Directors---  You have been elected to serve as directors on the Board for two years. With the other
officers, you form what is termed the Board of Directors of the Club.  Your position is important because
you will assist in formulating and executing the policies of the Club.
Vice Presidents- (3rd Vice-pres.) (2nd Vice Pres.) (lst Vice Pres.) You have been been elected to serve as
Vice-Presidents. Your duties will be like the board plus in addition, you, in order of your office, and presence,
will substitute for the President in his/her absence from any club or Board of Directors meeting. In a Lions
Club, the Vice-President shall, under the direction of the President, oversee the functioning of such
committees as the President may designate.
Treasurer----You will be the custodian all of the Club's funds.  You will deposit all monies recieved in a
bank as designated by the Board of Directors. You will assist in preparing a budget. You will dispense funds
on the direction of the Board
Secretary- Yours is one of the most important offices in the Club. The success of your Club will be
determined largely by the efficiency with which you perform the duties of your office.  Your are the
President's right hand man. Under his/her direction and that of the Board of Directors, you are the liaison
officer between your club and Lions International and between your club and  your District Governor's
Organization. You will receive many communications from both. Through you, in the post of corresponding
officer, it will be your duty to see that all communications are properly referred to the Board of Directors of
your Club as circumstances require or justify.
You will receive pertinent information from Lions International intended to aid you in properly performing
the duties of your office.
President--You are the Chief Executive Officer and will be expected to preside at all meetings of your
Club, and regular  and special meetings of your club, and regular meetings of your Board of Directors. It
is your duty to appoint the Administrative and Activies Committees and oversee their activities. Keep in
mind that at the end of your term of office you will be called to give an account of your stewardship. Now
is the time to plan and take step to continue to build your Club in every way possible, so that it may be an
example to to other clubs, and a credit to the community, the District and Lions Club International.